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Brandie's Bio



Retired US ARMY 2013

Armorer, Weapons 

GRAVITY Team Training 2014


Rapid Release Technique
     Injury Rehabilitation

National Beachbody Coach 2013
P90X, INSANITY, 21 Day Fix

Certified Personal Trainer 2007

Dance Choreographer  1990

Bachelor of Arts in Health Care Studies  2011

Ashford University

Certified Nursing Assistant 2005

TRX Suspension Training Specialist

BOSU Training

Jon's Bio



GRAVITY Personal Training 2004
GRAVITY Team Training 2004
GRAVITY Pilates Training 2004

ACE Certified Master Personal Trainer 1995

Acupuncture Physician 1997

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Ithaca College 1991

Ocean Lifeguard - 10yrs.

Rapid Release Technique
Injury Rehabilitation

National Beachbody Coach  2013

TRX Suspension Training Specialist

BOSU Training

Sports Conditioning
Agility, Jump, and Speed Training Specialist

Fitness Republic



We have years of experience in a wide variety of activities and conditioning.  We look forward to speaking with you to see if we have the right plan for you!




Jon makes fitness FUN and safe! If you're looking for something different from the "typical" gym, this is a must!  I look forward to my classes. It's like having a personal trainer at an affordable price and working out with new friends. I have found my muscles again!  Getting stronger every day! Thank you Jon & Brandie! You have helped me so much on my journey of growing older gracefully.

Diana L.

I just moved back to Vero from Grad School and I really love this gym. The class sizes are amazing and Jon is one of the best instructors I've ever had! Every class we do different exercises., so I'm always learning and am seeing results after the first couple classes. Everyone that works out here is really fun to be around. Its a great gym for anyone to get in awesome shape. I would highly recommend it!
Pat K.




Fitness Republic is a one-of-a-kind experience. Brandie and Jon are wonderful, caring, down to earth people. Exercising has never been an enjoyable experience for me until I started going to Fitness Republic. Jon makes it fun and I'm always looking forward to the next time I have a session with him. No two sessions are the same. Jon will work you hard but you will see results in how you look and feel. You will love going to Fitness Republic.
Carol S.

​I started going to Jon's classes almost a year ago, and I love them.  Jon does different exercises each class, never a dull moment.  Jon and Brandie are truly concerned about their clients.  They don't ask you to try to do exercises that they think you can't do at the time.   Even if there is more than one person in class, the exercises are personalized to each person.   Consideration for their clients is really thoughtful.   Great examples for everyone!
Drena S.





Fitness Republic is the gym I didn't know I was looking for. Jon's classes have improved my lower back issues and I'm more fit than I've been in years. Thanks Jon and Brandie!
Mike G.


Jon & Brandie really work with you to make sure their fitness workout is geared to your age and your limits. I love the small group setting, it's like getting personal training but you get to be in a small group. Love the facility and all the variety for working out. Would recommend highly to anyone wanting to do strength training and improve balance and overall health.
Meg H.​​​

Incredibly Thankful!

Jon and Brandie are the people you pray to meet, and for those of you out there who make wishes instead of prayers,  you're really wishing for them.  Fitness Republic provides a wide variety for those that quickly get tired of the same old routine, while still providing a comfortable and fun environment.  Their knowledge of fitness mixed with real life experience makes them the best at what they do.

I didn't realize the hardest part of this lifestyle change, would be more mental than physical. Jon and Brandie continue to challenge that voice in my head and prove it wrong every time. The support they have provided me with has kept me on this journey to a healthier lifestyle.  I know that without them, I would not have been able to reach the goals I had set for myself.

Jon and Brandie are fitness experts because they love it and they want to show you that you can love it too.  They want to help you succeed and reach your goals, no matter how extreme they may be.

This couple inspires me every day, not only to better myself but to better the people around me.  I am incredibly thankful for Fitness Republic, and I would highly recommend Jon and Brandie to anyone.

Adriana M.

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